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The Albin Pump is designed to meet your demands on high power – and low costs for energy and maintenance. The unique pump design gives low pulsation and therefore low vibrations and sound levels. The loads in the system are reduced, increasing the number of potential application areas.
Thanks to a direct central flow, we have managed to minimize energy losses and air consumption. This, combined with its compact measurements and quiet, feathered flap valves, makes the pump particularly well suited for OEMs. Not least of all since in can be installed in any preferred postion. Yet the Albin Pump is also a good choice for anyone who today has conventional AODD pumps.
Loud, noisy and highly service demanding pumps can now be replaced with quiet and efficient Albin Pumps-in virtually any application.
70% lower pulsation than traditional AODD due to the Patented Flexible Diaphragm Suspension (FDS) & patented air motor system - pivoting valve technology (FPV).
Lower energy consumption than traditional AODD
Easier to install than traditional AODD (it can be mounted in several different positions).
Longer lifetime than traditional AODD
Easier Maintenance than traditional AODD
Longer dry running than traditional AODD
Occupies less space than traditional AODD
Silent and vibration free.
Construction & General Industry
Paints and Oils
Finishing/Surface Treatment
Flow (lit/min) – 20-130
Max Pressure (Bar) – 7
  Max Air Pressure (Bar) – 7
Max Temp – 80 Deg C
Pump House – PP (Polypropylene) or AL (Aluminium)
Diaphragm – PTFE.
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