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Single-stage close coupled in-line centrifugal pumps with standard EFF1 motors and mechanical seal. The Pumps are designed for circulation systems with constant flow.
The Grundfos TP range of pumps is a major step forward in high-efficiency in-line pumps that save energy and boost reliability. Grundfos in-line pumps give customers dramatic reductions in the Life Cycle Costs of their installations, with low energy costs, low maintenance and service costs, and high reliability.
In-line design allows for straight pipework which can reduce installation costs
Availaible as single head (TP) or twin head (TPD) design with EFF 1 motors fitted as standard
Grundfos In-Line pumps feature a hydraulically balanced impeller that significantly reduces wear on the motor
Corrosion Virtually Elimanated - Cataphoresis treatment on all housing surfaces of Grundfos In-Line pumps virtually eliminates corrosion. To increase corrosion resistance still further, as well as optimising the adhesion of the cataphoresis treatment, all pump parts are coated with zinc phosphate.
Pumps can be supplied with ATEX certification if required
Top pull out design – easy dismantling in case of service
Heating Systems
Air-conditioning systems
Cooling plants
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Water Supply
Flow, Q: max. 4500 m3/h
Head, H: max. 175 m
Liquid temp.: –25°C to +140°C
Operating press: max. 16 bar
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