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A positive displacement pump has a capacity
directly proportional to the rotational speed and virtually independent of the differential pressure, they are available in several different types: Internal/External Gear Pumps; Screw Pumps; Lobe/Wing Pumps etc.
Gear pumps are used in all types of manufacturing industries for the transportation of both thin and thick liquids, from chocolate to diesel fuel. Our gear pumps have sturdy design, offering high reliability as well as long life.
Varisco's V gear pump design is based on an internal idler gear rotating inside of a larger rotor. Internal gear pumps are robust, give an even flow, handle both low and high viscosity products, are capable of high pressure and are self-priming. The V Range is very versatile and is suitable for a wide range of engineering applications.
Simple design with only 2 moving parts for reliable service
Robust Heavy duty design for long life & reliability
Smooth flow without pulsations
Several Shaft Sealing options: Mechanical Seal (Single, double, Cartridge, Mag Drive) – Packed Gland (Flushed, Heated)
Several options on pump configuration and materials (Jackets, PRV)
Reversible – 100% Flow in either direction of   rotation
Specially profiled teeth for reduced wear and longer service
Anti-galling surface treatment for versions for solvents
Chocolate & Food Production
Adhesives & Resin
  Paint & Ink
Pulp & Paper
Capacity: 0.3-350m³/hr
Pressure: Up to 20 Bar
Port Sizes: DN 15-300mm (½-10")
  Temperature: -60 - +300°C
Viscosity: Up to 60,000 cSt
Wetted Parts – Ductile Iron, 316 Stainless Steel, Hardened Steel
Shaft – Hardened Steel, 329 Stainless Steel
Internal Bushing – Bronze, Graphite, Hardened Steel, Tungsten Carbide, Cast Iron
Idler Pin – Hardened Steel, Tungsten Carbide, 329 Stainless Steel
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